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Full-service roof replacements in Berks County & Lititz, PA

Robert White Contractor is a company name that has earned an impeccable reputation for essential services, like roof replacement in the Reading area. We take this line of work seriously and that shows in the results we're able to get for every job we do.

As a home or commercial property owner, you're going to need a dependable roofing company to work with for a variety of critical services. Services that don't just improve the look of your building but that keep it in tiptop condition.

When it comes to roofing, it's also about safeguarding against the elements. Find out today from our team of experts if you need just roof repair or if the time for roof replacement has finally arrived.

Replace Your Roof & Save Your Home

There's no way to stress the importance of getting roof replacement and doing so in a prompt and professional manner. It's one of the more costly and time consuming projects you can deal with, as a property owner.
However, when the time arrives, it's also not something you can put off. So what you want to know is how you decide if it's time for replacement or if repairs would suffice, for just a few more years, at least.

  • You know how cardboard sags when it takes on water? Well, moisture intrusion has the same effect on your roof. If you notices areas that have begun to sag, or if you touch spots with a broom and notice they're soft, you have water damage and repairs won't be enough.
  • If an interior or exterior assessment results in finding dark streaks or stains, this is a sign of wear and water damage. If it's extensive enough, you'll need to replace the roofing and not just try to repair smaller areas.
  • When you end up paying for shoddy installation or repair workmanship, this can end up costing you a new roof, sooner than it should be time for. The problem is that you may not notice the inferior workmanship at the time but you'll be paying dearly for it, down the road.

Keep Replacement Costs Manageable

As with any other home improvement project for your home, you want to get good value. This means high-quality work for a reasonable price, not just cheap labor and materials for a deep discount.

Some ways to keep costs where they should be:

Get Multiple Quotes
Know the Material
Time it During Slow Season
Know Repair vs Replacement
Pick Reputable Over "Cheap"

To get started with your roof replacement in Reading today, make the smart call to our team of experts.