Asphalt Sealcoating



Learn about our asphalt sealcoating services in Berks County & Lititz, PA

For premium results from asphalt sealcoating in the Reading area, the local leading experts come from one team - Robert White Contractor. For over 20 years, we've been dedicated to this line of work and it's how we've earned the impeccable reputation that we have.

As a top contender for a professional painting contractor, you'll be glad to know we also offer expert asphalt sealcoating. This can make a huge difference, when it comes to surfaces like your asphalt driveway, for both protection and beautification.

Asphalt is known for its durability but, just like sealing concrete, this type of treatment will help make it that much more durable. Don't take chances when it comes to your home or commercial property and protecting various features, like your asphalt surfaces,

How Often To Sealcoat Your Driveway

Part of getting services like asphalt sealcoating is knowing some basic information, such as how often it should be done. Here are a few frequently asked questions we hear at Robert White Contractor:

  • Reseal Every 2-3 Years
  • Start with Pressure Washing
  • Look for Cracks
  • Consider the Climate
  • Know the Difference Between Sealcoating and Resurfacing

There are plenty of benefits that are associated with asphalt over concrete. It's also true that you may have more maintenance for asphalt over concrete, but most homeowners feel it's worth it.

What's also surprising is that it's possible to reseal too often. Follow the 2-3 year rule and you can avoid issues that can result.

For example, sealing your driveway each year can lead to more cracks and peeling than instances where the driveway is sealed less frequently. However, in severe climates, more frequent sealcoating may be necessary.

A Service To Greatly Benefit You!

The bottom line is that sealcoating is how you protect your asphalt surfaces while improving it and making it look better, in the process. It's commonly used for parking lots and driveways.

Failure to get regular sealcoating can lead to bigger concerns, like potholes. Some of the benefits of sealcoating include:

Lower the long term cost of repairs
Get peak longevity from your surfaces
Snow and even ice will begin to melt quicker
Beautifies the property, including the landscaping
End up with better performance

Enhance, protect, and improve your asphalt by letting our pros take care of the service you need. When it comes to asphalt sealcoating for your Reading home or business, call us for results that will make a long term difference.